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Our community giving program at Love Creamery is focused on celebrating our local community and community members. We have a special focus on the environment and people that live, work, and play near our stores. This year we launched our COMMUNITY HEROES program to recognize and celebrate unsung heroes who make our world a better place just by doing what they do. Scroll the page to learn more and nominate someone you feel deserves a little LOVE and a recognition.

If you are looking for a gift card or other type of donation for an upcoming fundraising event, please click on this link. We have partnered with several Lincoln Park businesses to create a Lincoln Park growler kit. Bent Paddle manages this partner program.

Community Heroes
Community Heroes

Community Heroes

Community Heroes is a program of Love Creamery that aims to celebrate the unsung heroes that unselfishly make the places we live extra special. It is our way of giving back to those who are making our community a better place to live/work/visit!  

Why a Community Heroes Program
Since opening Love Creamery in Duluth, we have received daily requests for donations of ice cream and gift cards. Over the course of the year, the amount of donation requests became far too numerous for us to say “yes” to everyone, which made us feel bad.  We also felt that these small donations spread out among many nonprofit programs had relatively little impact.  When we started to really think about our giving, it didn’t feel quite right to us.  We thought we could do something bigger, with a unique focus that stayed true to Love Creamery’s community values.

Who is a Community Hero?
A Community Hero is someone who goes above and beyond in all that they do, who makes a tangible difference in our community, and who might be going unrecognized for all of their care and hard work. Eligible nominees are those who are Building Community and taking care of our Environment. We’re specifically looking for nominees who contribute to the wellness of others in our community and/or any climate change reduction efforts.  It might look like…

  • A passionate coworker who organizes an office-wide endeavor to drive less, and arranges group bike rides to and from work
  • A devoted volunteer who has made a huge impact on your non-profit
  • A friend at school who organizes a school-wide re-use campaign
  • A neighbor who donates considerable time to bringing the neighborhood together for local causes

Here’s how it works
Every year, Love Creamery will recognize 2 Community Heroes who stand out in the Twin Ports.  All you have to do is nominate someone (by the deadline) using the online application below. Once the application round is closed, Love Creamery staff will review and select award recipients and notify both the nominator and awardee.  Awards will be distributed in March and December each year with the first award taking place December 2022.

Who is Eligible to Receive a Community Hero Award?
– The award nominee (potential recipient) must be 16 years of age or older
– They must live within 20 miles of zip code 55806
– They must not be a previous Love Creamery Community Heroes award recipient

Deadline for Nominations:
 – January 15 for the March Awards
– October 15 for December Awards

Use the form below to nominate someone. Please ensure you take the time to make the case as to why your nominee is a community hero and why they should receive this award. We will contact you during our review process if we need additional information.

Nominate a Community Hero of your own.

Please complete the nomination form by the respective deadlines of January 15 for the March Awards and October 15 for December Awards. Any submissions after the deadline will carry forward to the next award deadline.

Please take your time to provide the necessary information about your nominee. You may want to include testimonials, stories, or impact.

There is a maximum of 5000 characters for the entry so we suggest writing your nomination in a word document and conducting a character count before submitting. This will ensure you don’t lose any information and you have a back-up copy.

-Thank you.

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