You have questions, we have answers. Here are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Our Ice Creams

Do you have gluten-free options?

Yes, most of our ice cream bases, dairy and vegan do not have gluten added to them and our waffle cones are also gluten free and vegan. That said, we ARE NOT a gluten free facility and we do use gluten in our stores.

Are your products made completely organic?

No. See, not all growers and producers seek organic certification due to the time and cost. Therefore we focus on vetting out businesses that follow sustainable practices. If they are organic certified that is a bonus and we definitely look for organic products, but again, we look for local and sustainable first. Finally, we also use ingredients like Lucky Charms and Girl Scout Cookies from time to time, and well, these don’t really meet any criteria other than we love these treats.

Do you have vegan offerings.

Heck yeah. We have developed, and continue to develop a growing list of vegan options. We use many different bases including coconut, sunflower, sesame, almond, cashew and peanut butter milks. It just depends on the flavor we are making and what milk we think is best.

Do you ship ice cream?

No, not at this time. From time to time we start to think about it, and then we think back to our sustainable mission and somehow shipping ice cream in a styrofoam container on dry ice via a jet doesn’t quite jive. And, we bet there is a local creamery near you that makes good ice cream. Support Local!

Is your facility nut free?

No. We use nuts in our vegan bases and in our ice creams. We are nuts for nuts.

Are there eggs in your base?

Our main ice cream base is a custard base using egg yolks. So yes. Some flavors we make such as sherbets as Philly style that don’t use eggs, but these are seasonal and not always in the case. Go for our vegan if this is an issue. You might be surprised.

Where does your dairy come from?

The AMAZING Daninger Family farm in Forest Lake, MN better known as Autumnwood Dairy. Go there!

What butterfat is your ice cream?

18-19% depending on what’s going on with the lovely ladies (cows).

Do you make ice cream cakes?

Indeed we do! We have 3 sizes, in a variety of flavors and toppings, including vegan and gluten free. All orders must be made online and keep in mind, our cakes our custom and we need 6 days advance notice to make a cake as special as you or your loved one. Sorry, we do not currently have pre-made cakes.

Who takes all of your amazing photos?

Well I am glad you asked. One amazing woman named CeCe Boyle of Cece Boyle Photography. Check her out!

Are you pet friendly?

Oh yeah. We LOVE animals. We even have free frozen treats. That said, if your animal friend is not friendly to other animals, we will ask them to wait outside. I am sure you understand.

Can you scoop a pint from the case?

We are sorry, but the ice cream in the dipping cabinet is for cones and dishes only. If we scooped pints from the case we would run out of flavors too fast for our cup and cone lovers.

Still have questions? Please, contact us with your inquiry and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.